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Anonymous said:
Ellen's already done so much for him. You really shouldn't be blaming her.

I don’t know if this was meant to be a ‘secret’ but if it was then I’m sorry but since it is basically getting the same point across as the last secret I will not be making a picture for it. Have a nice day, and thank you for your message :)

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Hey, guys! I know I kinda abandoned this blog after I said I was back but that’s mostly because I don’t have ANY secrets to post! I just posted one but it’s the last one I got. I’d really like to make more for you guys but I can’t really do that if I don’t have any to post. Help me out, please? Thanks, guys! Have a nice day (:

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Hey guys!

It’s been SUPER long since I’ve posted/been on this blog. I’m back & currently working on a new way to post your secrets. They will still be on a picture but I’m going to expirement & try to make things look prettier. I might post a few different concepts & see which one you guys like the most. I’m also gonna work on making my blog itself look prettier. I lost a ton of followers during & I can’t wait to give my loyal followers (although it’s perfectly understandable if you left) the posts they’ve (hopefully) been waiting for (: Have a nice day!

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Hey, Enchancers!

I’d really love to start posting more secrets for you guys but I can’t do that if no one sends me any to post! Haha so, if you have any thoughts on/experiences with Greyson or maybe opinions about our fanbase even, go to my ask & tell me them! Thanks. Keep enhancing the world! (:

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